August 2021

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Adult Lessons

I never understood why references were needed when applying for a job.  Why would you pick someone that wouldn't speak highly of you?

The following excerpt came from my Golf Professional while I was growing up in Iron Mountain, Michigan.  He is also the person I entrusted to help me decide if this profession was for me.  "It will be what you make of it" was his answer to this question, "How do you think being left-handed will affect me in this business."

I again turned to Craig and he wrote this,

  "…and to me it is your greatest quality, I just don’t know if it can be put into words on a website.  Evan, you care about whether or not the 20 handicapper in front of you gets it and improves, AND you actually really want to be out there helping them. Maybe it’s because Jack Morris was one of them. But for whatever reason, you care. I would dare to say a similar thing about each of those from Iron Mountain that you mention. The personal touch of how to treat people sets them apart. I know Tom Izzo’s parents pretty well, Todd’s, Kono’s, your’s…there’s no such thing as coincidence. Sidebar: Of all the Golfers in the world, I am in the best 20%, you are in the best 5%. Of all the Golf professionals in the world I’m in the worst 1/3, you are in the best 1/3. Evan, the top 1/3 PGA Member players are not great teachers. They are not because they don’t care. They are on the lesson tee because they can sell it because of their playing reputation. Period. You breathe rare air. You’re a great player that actually cares on the lesson tee, on the course with your high school students, and just standing in the Golf shop chewing the fat. Sell that.

 I commend you for going to this length and putting this website together. Sell yourself, but, more importantly, sell the benefits to the student who comes to you."

This time the question was, "I need to take advantage of you!  Let me know what you think of me."  Referring to critiquing this website.

Thank you Craig!!

Give me a call, I can help you improve, enjoy, and experience some great memories.